uPVC profiles, also known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride profiles, are a fundamental component in the construction of high-quality windows and doors. These profiles are crafted from a specialized raw material blend that includes, PVC resin, stabilizers, impact modifiers, and additives. uPVC profiles are known for their durability, weather resistance, and low maintenance properties, making them an excellent choice for homes and offices.

At GreenFortune, we are committed to sourcing the highest quality uPVC profiles and offering them at affordable rates. As a leading uPVC profile supplier, we offer different types of profiles including the 60 series Casement systems, 80/99 series Sliding systems, 60/90/112 series Sliding systems and Auxilliary profiles. Our uPVC products are tested by Government certified CIPET Laboratories.

The price of our uPVC profiles is determined on the basis of series, width of the profile and customisation options. To provide transparency and convenience to our customers we offer access to our tool “Fair price estimator”, which helps with knowing the price of uPVC windows or doors as per the specific requirements.

60 Series Casement System

Casement Window Frame

Casement Outswing Window Sash

Casement Outswing Door Sash

Casement Mullion

Casement Single Glazing Bead

60 Small Window Frame

Casement Mesh Sash

Casement / Sliding Outer Frame

Casement / Sliding Mullion

80/99 Series Sliding Systems

80 Outer Frame

80 Sliding Window Sash

80 Sliding Window Mesh Sash

80 Glazing Bead

80 Interlock

80 Sash Connector

80 Sash Mullion

Screen Sash Mullion

Screen Sash Interlock

99 Outer Frame

80 Sliding Door Sash

80 Curved Glazing Bead

60/90/112 Series Sliding Systems

88 Outer Frame

90 Outer Frame

112 Outer Frame

60 Outer Frame

58 Sliding Window Sash

Sliding Door Sash

88 Interlock

Sliding Door Interlock

88 Single Glazing Bead

88 Double Glazing Bead

88 Sash Connector

Screen Sash Interlock

66 Sliding Window Sash

88 Sash Mullion

Window Screen Sash

Door Screen Sash

Screen Sash Mullion

Auxillary Profiles

88 - 60 Coupler

80 - 60 Coupler

60 Coupler

90 Baypole

60 Baypole

Louver Blind

Louver Shutter Bead

Sliding Screen Sash Frame

Georgian Bars

Door Panel

12mm Glazing Bead

8mm Glazing Bead