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Quality meets Affordability with GreenFortune. We are one of the fastest growing window and door system brands in India. Our unique Tech-driven approach with a highly capable Design and Technical Services team makes us a preferred partner to fabricators and a preferred brand to customers. Our products are manufactured with over 25+ years of global experience from India, Germany and Japan. The brand has built a strong reputation for Quality with Affordability.

Our International investors from Japan and Singapore provide a strong base for our international partnerships. GreenFortune is committed to bringing the strength of our network to our fabricators.

As a B2B2C company, we work closely with our channel partners who deliver our brand to customers.

Manufacturing: GreenFortune products are made in state-of-the-art ISO certified manufacturing facilities with >100,000MT of capacity in India and Abroad. Our products consistently meet and exceed global standards while being customized for Indian climatic conditions. We have a strong In-house innovation and product development team to enable high-quality, high-performance solutions customized to project requirements. Our capabilities across various surface treatment methods could satisfy diverse customer needs to produce White, Full-color, ASA co-extrusion, Film and Other profiles products.


Supply Chain: Our primary Grade A warehousing facility in Hyderabad is digitally equipped and allows stocking upto 300 Tonnes of Materials at any time. The warehouse meets all safety norms with easy docking, loading and unloading facilities to allow rapid turn-around times for customer orders. Our racking system developed by CraftsmanR Automation enables safe and damage free warehousing of all materials. With easy access to Outer Ring Road and partnership with 15+ Logistics companies, we provide hassle free deliveries to any part of India at economical rates

Quality Assurance: Our products are compounded to meet leading international standards such as EN ISO, ASTM and are tested regularly at Government certified CIPET laboratories. Every batch is thoroughly inspected at factory, warehouse and before dispatch to ensure damage free materials to customers. Our In-house engineering and technical services team supports fabricators in optimizing materials at a project level to ensure compliance to performance metrics. Our products are dependable and durable with upto 15 years warranty


Proprietary Technology: PartnerGateTM

PartnerGate is our proprietary technology that allows our fabricators to

  • Design with ease: Fabricators can generate multiple design options at ease. Within a few clicks they can change the base materials between 50/60/80/88/90/99/112 series to determine both the optimal design and choice of materials for a project
  • Generate the most optimal Bill-of-Materials: Our application enables our partners to minimize wastages by optimizing cut lengths and prepare job cards at ease. By generating a Bill-Of-Materials after optimizing all the designs, the software enables our partners to estimate the most optimal cost of completing a project. This is beneficial to the end customers as they know that a quotation generated using PartnerGate is the most optimal way to complete their Window and Door project
  • Prepare PI and Pay Online: Once a project has been finalized, a fabricator could generate a Proforma Invoice for all the materials required and pay immediately. A fabricator may also generate a Proforma Invoice without creating a design and proceed to payments. We integrated online payment gateway allows payments through multiple options. A fabricator may also avail of the several financing facilities available in partnership with our financing partners
  • Generate Professional Quotations: Designs made on PartnerGate can be easily converted into professional quotations at ease with clear mention of design, full specifications, window code and location. PartnerGate builds transparency between the fabricator and end-customer laying the path for a relationship based on trust and clarity on expectations
  • Generate Warranty Cards: Once materials have been ordered and delivered, fabricators can generate warranty cards for the projects and issue them to the end-customers

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