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    GreenFortune Managed Project GreenFortune Customer Service team takes End-End responsibility and warranty. You get your quotation and invoice from GreenFortune
    Fabricator Project GreenFortune Customer Service facilitates the project by directing customer to nearby fabricators. Limited warranty on Raw materials supplied by GreenFortune

    Disclaimer: In Fabricator managed exection of the project, GreenFortune shall make the initial interaction with customer. Post telephonic clarification on technical feasibility, project and product quality, GreenFortune directs the lead to the nearest fabricator based on Project location. GreenFortune only facilitates the project and shall not be responsible for execution speed, payment issue, warranties on hardware, reinforcement etc. GreenFortune shall offer its standard warranty for profiles as per the terms and conditions of usage.

    How to choose a UPVC window and door fabricator?

    We understand that choosing a fabricator is often the most important decision you will make in your window and door project. Having see a large number of fabricators and a large number of projects, we have a prepared a guideline that will help you choose the right fabricator for your project

    1. Technical detailing on quotation and joint signatures e.g. Ask for reinforcement of 1mm or more unless fabricator has a justifiable reason to use a lower thickness reinforcement. Whether it’s a large opening or high-rise project or a large project, ask if the fabricator can work with GreenFortune to optimize the specification. GreenFortune system generated quotation has all the required detailing
    2. Get nearby reference projects with images – If possible, visit one or two projects. Visit their factory or office premises if possible that ways you know where to find them in case of delays or after sales issues
    3. Don’t just OK the timeline you get from fabricator, ask deeper on how they are going to achieve the timeline e.g. 15 days’ time from advance payment to be broken down into how many days for final measurement collection, RM procurement, fabrication, glass processing and installation. Its important to test that fabricator has thought through the time frame
    4. Ask if they have thought about how the installation will happen e.g. Are there any obstacles to installation area or is there some work to be done. GreenFortune has standard checklists for fabricators to follow.
    5. Ask for GST Invoice. Warranty is void without a proper GST Invoice
    6. While price is important, don’t make it your decision criteria. Some fabricators can cut down on cost by offering improper specification which will not be durable and for which warranty is Void. As a customer, its very tough to check if the fabricator has put 4mm clear glass instead of 5mm toughened glass because you negotiated so hard that they had lower quality. Alternatively, they may cut down on thickness of reinforcement or use non-galvanized steel and as a customer you will not know. Use the GreenFortune Fair price indicator to get a rough estimate of the price for your window and door designs. It assumed a survival margin for fabricators already. So, anything too low implies potential for poor quality specifications
    7. Ask if they have an own installation team or if they hire contractors. Fabricators with own installation teams are much in control of timelines
    8. During installation, check if the installer is following a checklist for final inspection. This is essential to ensure they cover all points systematically. GreenFortune has checklists and guidelines for every process. Upon completion, use the checklist to assess their installation work. Don’t sign off until all aspects are completed
    9. It’s good to hold at least 10% payment as final upon inspection
    10. Always ensure you have a personal rapport with the owner of the UPVC window and door fabrication company
    11. Evaluate the brand of materials – is your fabricator buying from a trader or buying from a company like GreenFortune directly. Visit the brand website.
    How to assess specification or compare quotations?
    1. Profile series: This is defined by the thickness of the Outer frame which could be 50/60/80/88/90/99/112 mm in width. The choice will depend on the type of window, wall thickness and budget for the project
      • Additionally, in case of sliding need to decide between 57/58/66/85 mm sash
      • GreenFortune recommends 66mm sash as a standard for below 7ft. and 85mm sash for above 7Ft. height
      • Pls read our brochure and reach out to us for technical clarifications
    2. Reinforcement: GreenFortune recommendation is to use a minimum of 1mm Galvanized steel reinforcement as per IS27001 standard
    3. Glass: GreenFortune recommends glass options as per the
    4. Hardware: Hardware can make or break the window/door. However one needs to ensure below:
      • Rollers (Single, Double and Adjustable)
      • Hinges for openable windows
    Dos and Don’t’s when undertaking a UPVC window and door project


    1. Do understand the specifications given for each design thoroughly
    2. Ensure there are no hidden costs
    3. Fully understand pre-conditions to installation and if its included in SoW
    4. Take a GST Invoice to avail of warranty
    5. Visit the brand website and reach out to brand for technical clarifications


    1. Don't pay an advance without fully evaluating the fabricator. See “How to choose a window and door fabricator”
    2. Don't make price your ONLY decision criteria in choosing a fabricator
    3. Don't make changes to openings after survey and final measurements are taken